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Fire Fic
Charity Fic and Fan Art Community
Fire Fic
November 2007

pixie_on_acid posting in Fire bad, fic pretty
User: pixie_on_acid
Date: 2007-09-10 03:01
Subject: Care and nurture of bunnies
Security: Public
Tags:criminal minds, discworld, fiction, ncis, pixie_on_acid, sga, without a trace
ID/Contact pixie_on_acid aka crazy_magpie, or contact at archie(underscore)goodwin30 at yahoo.com.

Offer: I'm willing to write a minimum of 1,000 words in any of the following fandoms:NCIS, Without A Trace, Stargate Atlantis Discworld and Criminal Minds. (All links lead to samples of my work).

Qualifications: I'm not a slash writer (of either type)... I played around with it once or twice in the past, but I've decided it's not my style, and I'm not too much for het either. I don't write NC-17, and any 'R' rating tends to be due to language rather than graphic content. I'm much more of a gen writer, but I can do almost any mood/emotional theme you want, within the above restrictions.

I'm not putting a dollar figure on the donation, because I'm not a big name writer, and I also believe that doing so creates restrictions for some people who would otherwise like to help. Generosity should not come with a limit in either direction.

Right now I'm willing to say 6-8 weeks for fic, mostly because I have a fairly heavy schedule, and because when I say minimum, it's because these things tend to grow on me.
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User: thekatebeyond
Date: 2007-09-09 12:35
Subject: Smallville Bag from ComicCon
Security: Public
Tags:memorabilia, smallville, thekatebeyond
I can't commit to more fanworks right now, but I want to help! Any Smallville fans out there?

I happen to have come into possession of one of the giant Smallville bags given away at Comic*Con this year. A picture can be found here from o-meon.com. I'll mail it off to the highest bidder.

Any takers?

(ETA: Because time is apparently of the essence here and there is only one of these items, I will close the auction approximately 24 hours after the first bid.)
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thanksXallthefish posting in Fire bad, fic pretty
User: shealynn88
Date: 2007-09-06 22:59
Subject: Fic/Icon offers
Security: Public
Tags:alias, ats/btvs, bones, dead like me, dresden files, fiction, firefly/serenity, friday night lights, heroes, icons and avis, shealynn88, supernatural, that 70's show, veronica mars, witchblade
Contact: shealynn88, contact at shealynn88 @ hotmail (dot) com
Offering: Fic: Offer what you can. Every little bit helps, and I'm a small name. Anything over $10 will get you 1000 words or more. If you specifically want something longer, make an offer. $5 will get you something short. Over $10 will get you a longer story and/or some 'free' icons (your wish is my command).
Fandoms/Examples: I will write for any of the fandoms listed in this post. It includes links to most of my work.
Limitations: I will not write chan or incest in most fandoms (ask if you want something you're not sure about. If I've written it before, I'm okay with it). Slash is not an issue.
Fic ETA: A month should be enough to get you something. I will be moving in the next week and will need time to get settled. I will be sure you have something by October 15th.
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Hepcat posting in Fire bad, fic pretty
User: nwhepcat
Date: 2007-09-05 21:41
Subject: It's a crazy idea, but it just might (??) work!
Security: Public
Tags:memorabilia, nwhepcat
So this isn't exactly the sort of thing people are offering, but I'm wondering if this would be acceptable. I'm way too overextended at the moment (and very short on inspiration) to offer fic just now, but I found this very cool thing while at Hepmom's house over the weekend: a Playbill from Noises Off in 1984, featuring two pictures of young!very!hot!Victor Garber. (I didn't even remember that I'd seen him in anuthing onstage--this must've been before Prelude to a Kiss, which made him the Next Big Thing on B'way.)

Would anyone be interested in bidding on this lovely bit of memorabilia? Is this totally inappropriate?

It's Victor Garber! And he looks oh so tasty!
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Wyoming Knott posting in Fire bad, fic pretty
User: wyomingnot
Date: 2007-09-03 19:59
Subject: wee knitted goods!
Security: Public
Tags:holiday ornaments, knitwear, wyomingnot

So I figured out what I could contribute in a timely manner.


What's a socklet? Well, it's a wee sock, suitable for your Christmas tree. I've got some pics in my livejournal scrapbook here.

I've got bunches of colors in my stash, and I can get one of these babies out to you within two weeks.

$10 donation gets you one socklet in yarn of my choosing. Larger donation, we can talk about colors and/or patterns (like the wee sga socklet in the gallery).

At this time, I have no limit on how many of these I can do.

C'mon, you know you want one (or more) for your tree this year.
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BR!TT posting in Fire bad, fic pretty
User: engravedheart
Date: 2007-08-31 11:00
Subject: Photoshop
Security: Public
Music:"wonderful world" by james morrison
Tags:any fandom, banners, engravedheart, icons and avis, lj headers, wallpapers and manips
I have been off of livejournal for about a year now but I do go back and sometimes look around to what's going on. I heard about this community and instantly pondered at what I could possibly do to help. Since I am still rather new when it comes to fanfiction, i do not feel comfortable offering fanfiction for money even if it is for a cause. Instead I am giving the option of my photoshop knowledge.

I have been doing photoshop for 4 years now and on LJ for 3. In fact, it is my major in highschool. Graphic Arts. Examples of my work can be found at coldbloodedonut which has not been updated due to my leaving of livejournal. Also, past work is at engravedicons. But also, my favorite pieces are below the cut at the bottom of the page.

I am willing to do any fandom but I do have a preferance which can be looked at it in my userinfo. I am, however, NOT willing to do personal photos.

The main requirements I have about pictures is that they are of good quality (duh), not too focused on the object (i want option as to where i cut the picture), and for the pictures to be of professional quality. Meaning I don't want live action pictures. If you do happen to want those kind of pictures, show them to me and I may yay or nay them.

The typical size for an lj icon is 100x100 pixels. I am willing to make icons, headers, wallpapers, and fanfiction headers.
For ever icon, I will make it for two dollars. For every 10 icons, I will make them for 10 dollars.
For every header, it will be 5.
For every wallpaper, it will be 10.
Fanfiction headers will also be 5 dollars.


my personal favorite stuff under the cutCollapse )
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apckrfan: unashamedly a hopeless fangirl! posting in Fire bad, fic pretty
User: apckrfan
Date: 2007-08-30 18:09
Subject: Fic Offering
Security: Public
Tags:apckrfan, bones, btvs, firefly/serenity, gwtw, hannibal lecter, heroes, veronica mars, x files
I work two jobs and life is a little hectic right now, so I'm only going to commit to fics of around 2,500 words and won't be taking more than I feel I can handle (I'm not sure how many that is yet lol). You can visit my website or my fic journal here at LJ (apckrfansfic) for examples of my writing. I can write in the following fandoms (an * indicates a fandom I feel strongest in because I've written in it a lot). You can assume I'm versed in all episodes of the fandom unless otherwise noted.

Ratings: I'll write any rating
Ships: I can write any het 'ships in the fandoms listed with the exception of Cordelia/Angel. Sorry. Slash isn't my strong suit, so stick to het or gen.
Genres: My writing leans toward the romance, fluff side of things. I can do gen, but I'm not big on angst.
Kinks or specifics: I'm not big into writing kinks, but I'm not adverse to them. So if you have something specific run it by me and I'll yay or nay it. Otherwise, anything specific you'd like to see in the story, let me know.
Crossovers: Want a crossover? I can do that!

Fandoms covered:
Adventures in Babysitting, Angel, Anita Blake, Bones*, The Breakfast Club*, Buffy the Vampire Slayer*, Days of Our Lives, The Dead Zone, Firefly/Serenity*, Friday Night Lights, Gilmore Girls (I'm a season behind on this one), Gone With the Wind*, Heroes*, Joan of Arcadia, Lost, Medium, Phantom of the Opera, Psych, Sex and the City, Shark, Silence of the Lambs/Hannibal*, Smallville (I'm behind on this one, too, having caught as much of last season over the summer as I could), Stephanie Plum, Ugly Betty, Veronica Mars*, Witchblade, X-Files*

Fandoms I could do but haven't branched into yet:

The Closer, The 4400, Grey's Anatomy, Harry Potter, House, October Road, Supernatural

Don't see a fandom listed here: Ask me! As you can see I'm eclectic and write all over the place, so ask and I'll see what I can do!

I will be gone Labor Day weekend for a family commitment with absolutely NO computer access, so fics wouldn't be started until Tuesday - and I won't be able to respond to requests Friday evening (US Central Time) to Monday night.

My contact information: apckrfanATyahooDOTcom - please put something in the subject header about fire_fic so I know it's not junk. IMs across the board on numerous IM programs: apckrfan.

Also, please let me know if I can post any fics written for you at my site/fic journal and at the fire_fic posting journal.

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Patricia posting in Fire bad, fic pretty
User: lafemmedarla
Date: 2007-08-30 08:40
Subject: (no subject)
Security: Public
Tags:alias, banners, beauty and the beast, dr. who, fiction, icons and avis, lafemmedarla, layout headers, phantom of the opera, torchwood

* Stories - You can find my stories at Poisoned Honey and _poisonedhoney. There's AtS, Beauty and the Beast (Disney), Alias, Doctor Who and other fandoms. I tend to write about the characters not a lot of people likes/writes about (Lauren Reed, Darla, Eve)

I am also willing to try my hand at writing Dexter, Torchwood and Phantom of the Opera stories.

$5 will get you a story. Stories are usually short - between 650 and 1000 words but it could get longer if the muse strikes. No extra charge for that ;-)

* Icons - You can see my icons at _prisstina_.

1$ will get you one icon. You can provide a picture or just give me your the name of your character/ship/fandom of choice. If you want more than one icon, we can work out a bulk price.

* Other Graphics - I can also create top headers for livejournals/websites/stories. For samples, check out lafemmedarla, _prisstina_ and my web site collective

$5 will get you a top banner and a matching icon or a 100x35 button. If you want something else - set of matching icons, friends only banner, several different sized buttons - we can work a price too.

$5 will get you a story banner

I lack the skills to code an lj layout, but I can code a simple site using html - miles to go before I can master php. See here for example. Price is negotiable depending on size of said site.

Time of deliver: No longer than 35 days after being asked.
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most excellently twisted posting in Fire bad, fic pretty
User: fanbot
Date: 2007-08-30 00:43
Subject: Sneak peek at "Unbreakable" sequel
Security: Public
Tags:chapter for sale, fanbot, fiction

Unbreakable: Revenge

I am offering for sale a chapter of the sequel to my story “Unbreakable.”  It is a sexy scene of submissive Spike comforting an angst-ridden Xander. You do not have to have read the story to completely get it. Rated NC-17, for male/male sex and slave/master role play.

This chapter is completely unpublished, is 1,200 words, and has only been read by my lovely proof reader C_woodhaven.

For those who want the sequel written, think of this as a good motivator for my muse.

I will e-mail it to everyone who donates $5.00. It will not otherwise see the light of day until I get my muse in gear and write down the words in my head.

E-mail your receipt to fanbot at fanbot.net and I will send it to you. Please put "Unbreakable" in the header so I can filter and keep it.

And, of course, mention your interest here.


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you all know me posting in Fire bad, fic pretty
User: ladyoneill
Date: 2007-08-29 22:17
Subject: Me
Security: Public
Tags:ats, btvs, dc comics, fiction, gladiator, harry potter, ladyoneill, lost, roswell, smallville, star wars, supernatural, veronica mars
I have no money but I have some minor writing talent so I'm offering up my services.

My stories are all at Meandering Muse. I write primarily in the DC Comics fandom these days--mostly Bat and Titans fics with oodles of Deathstroke thrown in for good measure--but I used to write Buffy a lot, and I still have several unfinished stories and several open-ended series in that fandom.

For $50.00 I'll finish any work in progress story (not series, just individual story). This may not be a quick endeavor as some of the stories are planned to be long, but I need to get off my ass and finish them. WIPS are: Pretty Maids Falling; Pure Evil In A Lover's Form; There Is Always Another; Those Who Forget The Past in my Strange Paradise series (Cordy/Angel); Daughter of Darkness; A Woman's Choice; and Shaped In Madness, Forged In Blood (DC Comics).

For $25.00 I'll give you at least three thousand words in any of my series (that includes my Harry Potter series), pairing, setting, rating of your choice.

For any donation over a buck I'll give you at least five hundred words in any fandom I've ever written in (Buffy, HP, Smallville, Star Wars, Veronica Mars, Roswell, Lost, Supernatural, Gladiator, DC Comics, probably some others that I'm blanking on), again, pairing, setting, rating of your choice.

If you've never heard of me I will write anything. Dark, creepy, nasty, angsty, painful all the way to happy fluffiness. I also write smut and kink and the extremes. Slash, Het, pretty much anything goes. The only thing I won't write is incest (Batcest doesn't count 'cuz they're not blood, yeah, I rationalize.)

So, it's a wonderful cause for a fellow Kansan. I wish I could bid, but I can do this.

Oh yeah, should probably add that you can leave the details here in a comment or email me at lara@meanderingmuse.com and I'm not the speediest writer in the world but the shorter fics shouldn't take more than a couple weeks from bidding.
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