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Heh! Now this is a late request. I have enjoyed taking others up on… - Fire Fic
Charity Fic and Fan Art Community
Fire Fic
November 2007

landrews posting in Fire bad, fic pretty
User: fire_fic (posted by landrews)
Date: 2007-10-17 19:46
Subject: (no subject)
Security: Public
Heh! Now this is a late request. I have enjoyed taking others up on their offers, though.

Hey! Scrolling through my pics- this is AP copyrighted, BTW-
BtVS/AtS or Bones or SG-1/Atlantis
$50 to fire_fic for each of the first three story links posted here or at landrews by Oct. 31. Cross-posted at my LJ.

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User: kwizbit
Date: 2007-10-18 01:21 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Keyword:b/b bones (bj)
Sorry if it says a comment was deleted. That was me. I didn't read the rules first because I was too excited, but I've since fixed both problems. I've written a one-shot (roughly 1700 words) to your picture prompt. I'm asking permission to post and/or if you're willing to take my work into consideration. You can reply back or e-mail me at kate [dot] sawyer [at] gmail [dot] com
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landrews: bones teamwork
User: landrews
Date: 2007-10-18 14:33 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Keyword:bones teamwork
Awesome! It's not a contest, so I don't need to see it first, the important thing is that you felt inspired and feel good about it :-) Can you post the fic at fire_fiction and post the page link at my LJ? I'll go pony up.

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