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Newbie offering new stuff to bid on - Fire Fic
Charity Fic and Fan Art Community
Fire Fic
November 2007

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User: fire_fic (posted by darlas_mom)
Date: 2007-10-10 18:29
Subject: Newbie offering new stuff to bid on
Security: Public
Hi, all,

I know I'm coming in at the last minute, but I didn't hear about this until a few days ago and didn't get a chance to join and post until just now. I'd love to help out, though, so here's what I'm offering (all bid prices are in USD):

For a $1 donation each, I will make you any icons you want in the following fandoms:

· Angel: the series
· Buffy the Vampire Slayer
· Charmed (not one of my fandoms, but I know where the caps are)
· Doctor Who (New series, not classic, unless you are able to provide the caps)
· Firefly

I will also make text-only icons for the same price. :-) (To see what my icon work looks like, you can look under the art tag at my LJ or look up my icons in my profile--several were made by me.)

For a $5 donation, I will make you a header for your LJ or LJ profile in any of the same fandoms.

I will write fic in any of the following fandoms for one cent per word donation (e.g--a drabble is 100 words and would therefore cost $1.00, whereas a 1,000 word fic would be $10. Since I can't guarantee how kind the muses would be in advance, I don't feel comfortable charging a flat rate for all fic and don't want anyone to feel like they didn't get their money's worth):

· Angel: the series
· Buffy the Vampire Slayer
· Doctor Who
· Drive
· Firefly
· Heroes
· Pirates of the Caribbean
· Supernatural
· Torchwood
· Crossovers between any of the above

I am comfortable writing: gen, het, femslash, slash, threesome, foursome and incest. I am comfortable writing just about any rating (G to NC-17). You can decide if you like my writing by looking up the fic tag at my LJ.

For a $5 donation, I will burn and mail you a CD of any of my personal character, story arc or pairing playlists. I have personal writing playlist mixes for most chars and pairings in the listed fandoms and in a few that aren't listed here. (Check here for a complete list of my fandoms.)

For a $15 donation, I am giving away the following DVDs/VHSs I own and don't want anymore:

· AI: Artificial Intelligence
· Animatrix
· The Avengers (1998 movie with Uma Thurman)
· Bulletproof Monk
· Desperado
· The Incredible Journey (1963, VHS)
· Matrix Revolutions
· Once Upon A Time In Mexico
· Simply Irresistible

For $25, I will burn VCDs, DVDs or data DVDs of episodes (max. eleven--approx. half a season) of any fandom I am in. Please note that VCDs can be played in any computer, whereas I can only burn DVDs in Region 1. The difference between a DVD and a data DVD in this case is the number of discs you will get in the mail, and whether you can play it in your DVD player or just in your computer's DVD-ROM.

For $50, I will make a music video for you to any song and using any video source you want. (I'm sorry if this seems unreasonable, but music videos are--of all the things I'm offering--the most difficult and time-consuming to make, and require the most hard drive space.)

Happy bidding, guys. :-)
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