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Sneak peek at "Unbreakable" sequel

Unbreakable: Revenge

I am offering for sale a chapter of the sequel to my story “Unbreakable.”  It is a sexy scene of submissive Spike comforting an angst-ridden Xander. You do not have to have read the story to completely get it. Rated NC-17, for male/male sex and slave/master role play.

This chapter is completely unpublished, is 1,200 words, and has only been read by my lovely proof reader C_woodhaven.

For those who want the sequel written, think of this as a good motivator for my muse.

I will e-mail it to everyone who donates $5.00. It will not otherwise see the light of day until I get my muse in gear and write down the words in my head.

E-mail your receipt to fanbot at and I will send it to you. Please put "Unbreakable" in the header so I can filter and keep it.

And, of course, mention your interest here.

Xander was held captive in Africa for five years. He was forced to fight and kill in the ring. Spike discovered and rescued them. For a year Spike helped Xander cope with what he’d done and learn to live in the real world again. This scene takes place shortly after the end of “Unbreakable” when Xander and Spike finally became a couple.


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