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Offering Code - Fire Fic
Charity Fic and Fan Art Community
Fire Fic
November 2007

seraphcelene posting in Fire bad, fic pretty
User: fire_fic (posted by seraphcelene)
Date: 2007-10-04 20:42
Subject: Offering Code
Security: Public
Name: seraphcelene
Email: seraphcelene@yahoo.com

I'm willing to build web layouts. The design is negotiable based upon what you want, what you need, and the complexity of the code.

Examples of my work are here:
here, here, here, and here

House of Leaves is the most recent layout. Everything is coded with CSS with the exception of Excess, Folly and Delight.

I'm always excited to learn new code. You will need to provide the images for the graphics. I can have it to you about one to two weeks after the layout design has been agreed upon and I receive the images for the layout. However, I won't be able to start until after October 12th.

Everything helps, donate what you can.
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